Regenerative Networking

Three times a month we cross-pollinate the world's regenerators through inclusive networking events designed for you to mingle with the global regenerative movement.
How to Join:
1) Find a week and time that works best for you
2) Fill out the Network Registration form
3) Save the date and we'll email you event information

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Three times a month with a different timezone focus

We currently have a Regeneration Pollination Event on the 1st, 3rd, and 4th weeks of the month. Each event is hosted by a specific timezone while working to cross-pollinate with others in different time zones.

First Fridays: East Americas Meets Euro-Africa

Atlantic Pond: First Fridays are hosted by those on the east side of the Americas and it works well to cross pollinate with those in Europe and Africa.

Third Fridays: West Americas Meets Oceania

                            (CURRENTLY SUSPENDED)

Pacific Pond: On the third Friday of the month the West Americas host a time that cross-pollinates with Oceania and any others that can make that it.

Fourth Fridays: Oceania Meets Euro-Africa

Indian Pond: On the fourth Friday of the month Oceania hosts a cross-pollination networking event that reaches Europe, Africa, and any other timezones able to meet.


If it is difficult to find a Regeneration Pollination time that works for you, we are always working to add more times and areas willing to host and promote. Reach out to the Regeneration Pollination team at if you would like to host an event or have a suggestion for a new time.

Register for next event

Fill out the Regeneration Pollination Registration Form so that the regenerative movement can get to know you and you can get to know them. Your deep networking journey starts here!

The Pollinator Basics

We are a network of networks that is open, inclusive, and donation/sponsor based. The information you share here will be available to everyone within the regenerative movement through our shared Airtable database, if you so choose. This being said, you can share as much or as little about yourself as possible. The only pieces of information that are required to become a pollinator are your:

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Email
  4. Your Give, Offer, or Contribution to the Regenerative Movement
  5. Your Receive, Ask, or Reward from the Regenerative Movement
  6. Your decision on whether you want your information shared with the rest of the Regenerative Movement.

<   Your Give, Offer, or Contribution

An amazing part of our collective involvement in Regeneration Pollination is that we all have something to contribute to the regenerative movement and we share what we can give, offer, or contribute with those we network with. Take some time now to share with us what that is so that others you network with will be able to utilize your contribution or direct you to someone that can.

<   Your Receive, Ask, or Reward

Along with your Give comes your Receive. What is it that you hope to receive, ask for or accept as a reward for the contribution you put forth in the movement? In regeneration we know that the balance within systems is important. Within the invisible systems that make up the regenerative movement, your contribution requires and equal part reward. So obtain a yield! Let us know what your recieve, ask, or reward is for your involvment in regeneration.

<    Open or Close Your Pollinator Profile

Everything we do at Regeneration Pollination is to cultivate, cross-pollinate, and celebrate the global regenerative movement. A big part of how we do that is by Breaking Down Silos, allowing others to see how their work interconnects with work of others. Our open network means we openly share a list of the pollinators  and organizations that network with us through a community Airtable Database. If you choose to open your Polinator Profile you will make your invormation available for the Regeneration Pollination Community to view.


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