What is Regeneration Pollination?

Regeneration Pollination is online networking for fun, short, one-on-one conversations online. Connect with fellow change-makers from around the world.
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How to have the best experience with Regeneration Pollination's Deep Networking Method

step 1
Uncover your Give
and Receive

Give and receive, needs and offerings, ebb and flow. The pattern is called many things, you choose how to step into the energy exchange happening around the globe. Come to a Regeneration Pollination event knowing what you'd like to give and receive from the regenerative movement.

step 2
Attend a Regeneration Pollination Event

Come join us for a networking event designed for regenerators by regenerators.

Step 3
Connect and Follow Up!

You'll meet some wonderful people during your one-on-one networking sessions. Practice the art of creating deep regenerative relationships by personally connecting with those you meet and then introducing them to someone else in your network. Then follow-up! The real magic happens when you connect the dots within your network.

Step 4
Observe, Interact
and Evaluate

After you've attended a few Regeneration Pollination events, observe how you can give and receive from your new connections. Interact with them by completing the give/receive cycle you uncovered in Step 1. Then evaluate the results of your cross-pollination.

step 5
Grow in the Community

You’ll learn something new each time you practice deep networking. Apply what you learn and repeat this process. As you keep attending events and engaging with others you'll begin to see how deeply connected we are to one another as we work to regenerate our people, planet, and future.


oUR people are YOUR people...

Working and Building a Livelihood in Regeneration

The work of regnerating our people, planet, and future is diverse and vast. This means the people within the regenerative movement come from diverse backgrounds and work within a vast array of industries. This also means that you may be working in agriculture or you may be working in textiles, the built environment, energy, economics, social justice, or any other industry that requires regenerative systems change. If you're networking for professional reasons you'll find greater ways to connect your passion for regeneration to your profession and grow your network of others looking to do the same. Come network the regenerative way!

Seeking, Learning,and Living Regeneration

Many people see networking as a professional endevour. Although that is the most common use for networking there are many others outside of the professional realm. Maybe you're just looking to know what the movement is all about. Maybe you want to learn how to be a part of the regeneraive movement. Maybe regeneration is more of a lifestyle for you and you want to share that lifestyle with others. If any of this sounds like you, you'll enjoy coming to the Regeneration Pollination Events. There are countless individuals who are seeking, learning, and living regenerative practices. Come connect with them at our next event!

oUR organizations are YOUR Organizations...

Regenerative ForProfits

If you are a part of a regenerative forprofit business, we want to help represent the work you and your team does. Partner with us to spread the word of your regenerative products and services your organization provides. Link hands with other organizations that are also creating regenerative change through their business operations. Find new and attractive ways to cooperate rather than compete.


If you are a part of a nonprofit who is supporting the regenerative movement, we are your peers and colleages. Come join a network that supports each other's efforts, finds collaborative ways to accomplish our shared and invidual missions, and works to give a voice to nonprofits who are going beyond sustainability and moving into regeneration.

Regenerative Allies

There are a host of other movements, causes, and social groups that align with the regenerative movement. Your organization may not consider itself a part of the regenerative movement, but an ally to it. We align with may collective actions that are working to make the world a better place. If your organization wants an align with regeneration, come join us.

oUR network IS YOUR network...


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